Bangle SIzing

Step 1: Place your hand in the position of putting on a bangle with your thumb touching the base of your pinky.

Step 2: Measure (in inches) around the widest part of all 5 knuckles.

That’s it! Your measurement is your bangle size.

To ensure you get a bangle that fits you well, It is strongly recommend that you measure your hand before making your bangle purchase. To do so, place your thumb at the base of your pinky as if you are going to put on a bangle. Make sure all your fingers are touching each other. Measure fairly snug around the widest part of all 5 knuckles in inches. your measurement is your bangle size.

If you have measured your hand and are either smaller or larger than the sizes you see available, no problem! Please contact us to SET up a custom order. Be sure to measure as accurate as possible because refunds are not given for custom orders.